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Miss Samantha Sidley is a queer jazz singer & interpreter from Los Angeles, California. Mid-2019 will see the release of Miss Samantha Sidley’s long-awaited debut record, a collection of songs by Alex Lilly, Barbara Gruska and Inara George – and some classics – celebrating love, sex, feminine power, and the wonders and perils of the human spirit. With longtime collaborators, musical director and multi-instrumentalist Dan Reckard and trombonist Vikram Devasthali – and other surprise guests.




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Cabaret Scene review:

”Some singers have a voice so enchanting that one can listen for song after song and not long for some patter. Samantha Sidley falls into that category. A few brief remarks, a humorous comment or two was all that was offered and all that was needed. She sang about a dozen songs, giving each one the time needed to explore it lyrically and musically. Heavily influenced by jazz singers, her manner comes across as a unique cabaret stylist, rather than a pure cabaret artist. Unlike many jazz singers, her attention to the lyrics was front and center. Taking many of the songs at an ultra-slow pace that could be described as Shirley Horn Standard Time, she circled over and around many of the notes in a brilliant vocal display before coming in for a perfect landing on pitch.”